• Aemiliana Magnus

Comme il Faut Exhibition in commemoration of women's international day.

Updated: Jan 19

Comme il Faut exhibition held in House of Artists in Rishon Lezion, was dedicated in commemoration of women's international day.

"What is the woman's role in modern society?" - question and subject of the exhibition challenging artists to express their vision and thoughts on how the woman's role has changed throughout history and how it has persuaded nowadays.

Modern women have accepted many challenges - being a mother, a wife, a friend, a businesswoman, and much more, having to squeeze all in an insane schedule and stay beautiful, fit, toned like a model from the magazine. So is it possible to be perfect all the time?

If a woman chooses to be at home and raise kids, her work is merely appreciated by her male companion. So what are the choices she faces?

SATIS - New painting by Aemiliana Magnus is trying to answer some of these questions and reflect a perfect woman's feeling and emotion, locked in this societal measures and habits. She is trying to break the borders and overcome these insane demands and encourage other women to end this wrong perception about how a woman should be.

"Satis" is a Latin word meaning - "Enough!" We should all be prepared to rise against any violations of the woman's rights and say, "its enough! No more!"

A woman is a divine energy source that holds the key to all creative expressions and manifestations. The feminine energy channel is the container of all that we experience. Having life itself come from a woman implies a birth to all things regarding renewal, change, expression, manifestation, and emanation. When this energy force is not understood and becomes misdirected, the feminine energy expresses itself as isolation, depression, lust, greed, and suffering. Properly channeled, She can have the same means of creativity, spontaneity, and passion reign supreme in a fulfilling existence.

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