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Draw fast your inspiration with Pro Fashion Sketchpad book series

Draw fast all your design ideas with Amazon's top pick and the best fashion sketchbook: Pro Fashion Sketchpad by Aemiliana Magnus.

The book comes with 590 pages and 600 fashion figure templates.

Each time you feel inspired to draw and create a new design, open Pro Fashion Sketchpad and choose the template to sketch your ideas.

The Pro Fashion Sketchpad is divided into ten sections:

Section 1: 35 Female Figure Pose Outlines

Section 2: 35 Front / Back/ Side Pose Outline

Section 3: 35 Flat Figure Outline

Section 4: 35 Lingerie Pose Outline

Section 5: 11 Head & Shoulders Accessories Design

Section 6: 11 Head Display Jewelry Design

Section 7: 11 Hand Display Jewelry Design

Section 8: 21 Shoe Last / Shoe Design

Section 9: 43 Bonus Female Pose Outlines

Section 10: 21 Croquis Outline

Also, the book comes with:

Bonus: Illustrated Mini Fashion Dictionary

Fashion Mood board Tips

Illustrated List of supplies

Fashion Measurements

Top Luxury Brands List

Full Fabric glossary

With Pro Fashion Sketchpad book series you can draw 600 fashion design sketches!

With Pro Fashion Sketchpad book series you can speed up your design workflow, draw fast all your ideas, and create stunning fashion design sketches.

Want to learn more? Visit Pro Fashion Sketchpad official website.

With Pro Fashion Sketchpad book series the only limit to what you can create is your imagination. Also subscribe to Pro Fashion Sketchpad YouTube Chanel to see "How to video tutorials".

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